One: Nutrition Facts Tables


Many people do not know how to read a nutrition facts table or simply choose not to read it. They simply go around picking up whatever looks tasty.
This is a major mistake; Something as simple as choosing another similar product with better nutritional content can make a great difference in your health.

Below are two similar greek strained yogurt products: Fage & Chobani

















Let’s compare their nutrition facts.

Credit: (Fage Nutrition Facts)

Credit: (Chobani Nutrition Facts)























As you can see, these two healthy products have very similar nutritional values; However, one is healthier than the other one. The serving size for the Chobani yogurt is 6 oz and 5.3 oz for the Fage yogurt, remember to take this into account when comparing them. To compare apples to apples you can divide each amount of the value being compared by the serving size of ounces, this way you obtain the amount per oz. Now you can see which one has more of the good stuff (i.e. protein & vitamins) and less of the bad stuff (sodium & sugar) per oz.

If you conclude that Fage is the healthier choice, you are right!
Slightly healthier, but it goes a long way.